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Timothy Shoemaker M.A. has been conducting live staff trainings on a variety of topics for decades. With critical contributions on organizational culture, leadership and crisis management, Tim incorporates his motivational style and team-building tenure to your event. In response to the COVID restrictions, he began conducting online trainings via Zoom. You can now request live Zoom trainings for up to log-in 100 audience members at a time.

While any of our many topics can be addressed remotely, the most common Zoom training today is the Coping With Covid Staff In-Service training program. This 60 minute live training includes live polls, group chat’s and other interactive elements. The incredible content is drawn right from Tim’s personal experience leading a team of first responders through one of the most challenging times we’ve ever faced.

We discuss how this environment is affecting those in our communities and on our teams. Tim reviews what has worked for his team and what hasn’t. He provides valuable advice on how you can help yourself, or your team, mitigate the stress and become as productive as possible in today’s very challenging climate.

Call or email today to get your in service staff training on the books. September dates fill up quickly.

Zoom Staff, Student & Parent Trainings

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