I. Teen Vaping Crisis

I. Teen Vaping Crisis

Save Your Breath

Video I
Length: 11 mins / Suggested Grades: 5-Adult

This incredible remote delivery version of the acclaimed Save Your Breath school assembly program is exactly what you need to reach your students today, in this time of school closures and social distancing. It’s bright, it’s entertaining and it’s potently informative. Tim comes through for us once again, delivering top notch options for school wellness programs, regardless of the obstacles in our way. Designed to be accessed where and when it’s convenient, this Vaping Prevention program has been formatted in six short segments, making it perfect for the attention span of home delivery, and begging you to engage your audience with reflection questions on each segment. Total content is just under 40 minutes.

The introduction video provides a direct and diverse overview of the Teen Vaping Crisis. It will orient your audience to the public health crisis and secure their interest in the following segments.

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