New Remote Delivery

New Options for New Circumstances!

Don’t allow COVID-19, to rob your students or community members of your critically important wellness programs. They need to see you and receive your support, perhaps now more than ever. Right now, your students and stakeholders are away from their busy schedules, and less distracted by the social dynamics that so often complicate our wellness efforts. This could be the BEST time to reach them! We’ve worked quickly with our school and coalition partners to develop remote delivery options that can be implemented immediately. Even better, they can be used with or without your active engagement. End the helplessness of wondering when COVID-19 will be gone and get back into their lives! Our proven programs can help.

Your audience can access our lessons right here at their convenience, or you can host a live interactive screencast for them right through your own portal. You just tell them where to go, share the login and relax. It’s never been easier to reach those who can’t come to you!

Based on your recommendations, our famous On-Stage content has been refined down to short impactful video segments that can be accessed with complete flexibility. They can be viewed by audience members individually or in sequence. You can sit back and relax, or you can lead the way through. All options are at your fingertips! Table 3
Each segment includes suggested discussion or reflection opportunities that have been developed by our experienced team. But Your team has endless opportunities to develop your own supporting materials, assignments or enhancements. Extend and reinforce the impact of these unique resources in a way that works for you! Enhance
Your online access lasts a FULL 60 DAYS! Access, develop and reinforce the resources on your schedule; according to your developing needs. There’s no added pressure, only endless opportunities for you to see what works in these uncertain times. Based on your requests we’ve prioritized certain content for students, staff & parents. All ongoing updates and improvements to the content are automatic and included with your purchase, as is on-going support and consultation. License 2
MpoweredParent is a name that you already trust. We conduct nearly a dozen live wellness programs per week, and have been serving schools and communities for over twenty-years. Our lead facilitator, Timothy Shoemaker M.A., has been recognized on the local, state and national level for his prevention and wellness educational accomplishments. He has maintained a constant presence in schools and communities for over two decades, receiving several notable professional awards and routinely keynoting prominent professional conferences. Learn more about our famous On-Stage presentations at Help

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