Defend Your Teen From Drugs

Defend Your Teen From Drugs


Do you know how to smoke alcohol? Have you heard of Waxy Weed, Benzo Furry Pellets or Zannie Air Fresheners? Has your child purchased anything from PayPal on your credit card? Do you know what entities want your child to be on drugs and are you sure that you’re protecting your kids from them? Don’t leave these questions unanswered. Treat yourself to the incredible “Defending Your Teen” online video series!

In just 5 short lessons of about 5 minutes each, we will bring you up to speed on the present trends of recreational drug use, concealment techniques, methods of detection and opportunities for intervention. Refined and reformatted from our sought-after seminars, we give you the most important content in our most flexible format.

Dazzle your friends and astound your teens with the pop-culture drug scene secrets we unveil for you. Discover how much more effective you can be with a little insight into topics such as: parenting style, teen boundaries, setting limits and reinforcing responsible choices. The course comes with complete access to our downloadable detection tools, cool course handouts, and 1 year access to full Member content on this site. It’s an incredible deal and it could save your child’s life.

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The drug scene changes daily. Kids are the first to be exposed to new drug trends and parents are amongst the last. Many parents never knew much about drugs. Others are working with information that is years or even decades old. This simple, flexible, user friendly course will eliminate any concerns you have of being out of date.

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This video course brings the experts into your home. Hear from a real school counselor, a real police officer and a real teen. Each of them will help put the teen environment into perspective and give you a bird’s eye view of what your child may be facing when you’re not around. Click the button above to get instant access to all course content and extras. Or press play below to preview some of the incredible content that awaits you.

FREE Video Preview, Lesson One: How Things Have Changed

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